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Galvanized Wire Cable

galvanized-wire-rope-1Extremely resistant to rust and corrosion, galvanized wire cable is ideal for a wide range of applications.

There are several threads in a galvanized wire cable, also known as, steel cable. Each thread are also composed of intertwined wires on the threaded core. The threaded core can be either a fiber, an independent wire rope, or a wire strand. 


The main procedure for making corrosion-resistant steel is by mixing it with the metal zinc. When steel is immersed in melted zinc, there is a chemical reaction between the steel and zinc, called the galvanizing process. This process involves submerging the steel cable in a heated zinc bath. Depending on the thickness of the zinc, the corrosion-resistance of the wire cable is greatly improved. Unlike paint, which only coats the surfaces, the zinc becomes a permanent part of the steel cable. The thick coating of zinc to the steel cable makes it almost immune to rust and corrosion attacks, making it a good material for various commercial, industrial, marine and outdoor applications.

Uses of Galvanized Wire Rope

Galvanized wire cable is used in a wide range of industries, from paper and pulp, utilities, appliances, and communications, to manufacturing, aircraft, marine, and automotive. There are many size and diameter varieties which range from 100 pounds (45.36 kg) to over 14,000 pounds (6350.29 kg) breaking strength. (Breaking strength refers to the maximum pressure required to break the cable.)

Steel cables are also used in conveyor systems and manual and electric winches as well as arts and crafts settings and beading projects. Because of the sheen and rustproof nature of the steel cable, it is also popular among landscapers, tag and ribbon manufacturers, jewelers, shipyard contractors, and even DIY people.

Best of all, galvanized wire cable can be recycled several times for various purposes.

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