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Stainless Steel Wire Rope

stainless steel wire ropeStainless steel wire rope is a popular choice for many applications, especially for wire balustrading. Read on to find out why.

More professional people in industrial, commercial, marine and manufacturing environments prefer stainless steel wire rope because of its many advantages:

  1. High resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel wire rope is more corrosion-resistant than other wire rope with lower alloys. Its properties withstand harsh environments where acids, alkaline, and chlorine are present.
  2. High resistance to pressure. Stainless steel is tough enough to withstand the elevated or freezing temperatures of various industrial applications. It is the ideal material for cryogenic settings.
  3. Hygiene. This type of wire rope is easy to clean which is essential for locations where strict hygiene requirement is expected. You can find stainless steel wire rope in food processing plants, hospitals, kitchens, and abattoirs.
  4. Aesthetics. Having a distinct sheen and surface brightness, stainless steel wire rope inherently complements modern designs and styles of buildings and equipment. Maintaining it is easy so it enhances the aesthetic value of modern premises and properties.
  5. Imperviousness to fire and heat. There are stainless steel products with high chromium and nickel alloy. Because of its strength and scale-resistance, it is appropriate equipment for fire fighters.
  6. Cost effectiveness. Some grades of wire rope have high work-hardening qualities. The significant strength of these wire rope enables it to withstand high pressure and corrosion. These types of wire rope do not damage easily therefore early replacement is not necessary. This in turn minimises maintenance costs.
  7. Flexibility. Stainless steel wire rope can be easily fabricated to suit your application with a number of ready-made fittings that can be easily attached using hand swaging, hydraulic press, and rolled swaging.
    Stainless steel wire and wire rope come in various sizes, from diameters as thin as your hair to as thick as a 32mm-diameter wire rope.
  8. Longevity. The alloying composition of stainless steel contributes to its long lifespan. You do not have to add anything to the surface in order to protect it or prolong its existence.
  9. Value. Considering its varied uses, inherent strength and durability, this type of wire rope is a relaitvely inexpensive material for the results it achieves.
  10. Environment-friendly. Maintenance and upkeep is hassle-free and easy. You do not need harsh cleaners. Stainless steel wire rope is also 100% recyclable.

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