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PVC-coated Galvanized Wire Rope 7×19

(Fibre Core)
PVC ColourIndicative
MBS* (kN)
*Minimum Breaking Strain
8259 IWR PVC BLACK 7x19 3.2-5.2MMGalvG20707 X 19Black7.71
0499 IWR PVC BLACK 7x19 4-6MMGalvG20707 X 19Black11.00
6663 IWR PVC BLUE 7x19 4-6MMGalvG20707 X 19Blue11.00
0502 IWR PVC BLACK 7x19 5-7MMGalvG20707 X 19Black17.10
6428 IWR PVC CLEAR 7x19 6-8MMGalvG20707 X 19Clear24.7
0506 IWR PVC WHITE 7x19 6.3-8.5MMGalvG20707 X 19White27.3
0507 IWR PVC BLACK 7x19 6.3-8.5MMGalvG20707 X 19Black27.3
0509 IWR PVC WHITE 7x19 8-10MMGalvG20707 X 19White43.9
0510 IWR PVC BLACK 7x19 8-10MMGalvG20707 X 19Black43.9
0510 MIWR PVC BLACK Matte 7x19 8-10MMGalvG20707 X 19Black Matte43.9
6664 IWR PVC CLEAR 7x19 10-12MMGalvG20707 X 19Clear68.7
0512 IWR PVC BLACK 7x19 10-12MMGalvG20707 X 19Black68.7
0513 IWR PVC WHITE 7x19 12-14MMGalvG20707 X 19White98.9
0514 IWR PVC BLACK 7x19 12-14MMGalvG20707 X 19Black98.9

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