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Guy Strand Wire

Galvanised Strand

Guying strands are composed of concentric layers of wires. Strands with 19 wires or more have successive layers opposing laid to produce a rotation resistant effect. Guying strand is chiefly used in general stranding guys and support purposes and can be used in certain types of electrical applications, for example, for earthing or transmission. Guying strands has a high modulus of elasticity and therefore minimum elongation under load.

Please note:

  • Breaking strains provided for wire rope are indicative only.
  • Information on these pages should only be used as a guide; these may vary according to manufacturing specifications.
  • Please check tensile strength (Grade) and MBS (Minimum Breaking Strain) at time of order to confirm appropriateness of information.
  • Additional sizes of wire rope are available on request.
  • Product dimensions quoted on these page and on every other page on this website are intended to be used for reference only. If product dimensions are critical to your application, please contact us for assistance. A-Z Pty Ltd strongly recommend that you confirm all relevant details before ordering as information is subject to change without prior notice.


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