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New Stock Arrival

Here’s a snapshot of NEW wire rope stock available at A-Z as at 15th August 2011*

Reserve your stock before it runs out.

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1WR GALV 7x7 G2070 3MM3MM7x7WSC2070Galv
2WR GALV 7X19 G2070 4MM4MM7X19WSC2070Galv
3WR GALV 7x7 G1570 4MM4MM7x7WSC1570Galv
4WR GALV 7X19 G2070 4MM4MM7X19WSC2070Galv
5WR GALV 6x19 G1570 4MM4MM6x19FCP1570Galv
6WR GALV 6x7 G1570 5MM5MM6x7FC1570Galv
7WR GALV 7x19 G2070 5MM5MM7x19WSC2070Galv
8WR GALV 18x7 G1960 5MM5MM18x7WSC1960Galv
9WR GALV 6x19 G1570 5MM5MM6x19FCP1570Galv
10WR GALV 7x7 G2070 6MM6MM7x7WSC2070Galv
11WR GALV 7x19 G2070 6MM6MM7x19WSC2070Galv
12WR GALV 6x19 G2070 6MM6MM6x19FCP2070Galv
13WR GALV 7x19 G2070 7MM7MM7x19WSC2070Galv
14WR GALV 7x19 G2070 8MM8MM7x19WSC2070Galv
15WR GALV 7x7 G2070 8MM8MM7x7WSC2070Galv
16WR GALV 7x7 G2070 9MM9MM7x7WSC2070Galv
17WR GALV 7x7 G2070 10MM10MM7x7WSC2070Galv
18WR GALV 6x36 G1770 12MM12MM6x36IWRC1770Galv

* This page is updated regularly. Please note the date indicated. For items you require but do not see on this list, please check the Products section or contact us for more information.