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Privacy Policy

A. Personally Identifiable Information

It is our policy to collect only information that is relevant to our business and our customers’ needs. A-Z Pty. Ltd. (A-Z) gets access to identifiable information in different ways through different mediums. Most often, information may be received by, or provided to A-Z:

  • When a potential customer or visitor accesses https://wirerope.net.au or any of its subdomains for purposes of ongoing communications, voluntarily providing their name, address and/or contact details; as well as any licence details.
  • At the instance of a new product purchase, a customer provides name, address, telephone and other contact details;
  • When making financial arrangements for purchases;
  • Through surveys, feedback calls / research and other A-Z-initiated communication with customers;
  • Through phone-ins, emails and other customer-initiated correspondence with A-Z.
  • By filling out or otherwise using the various contact forms on any A-Z website which may include, among other things, name, address and/or contact details;

Personally identifiable information received or collected, may include basic contact information – name, title, mailing/home address, email address, telephone, mobile and fax numbers. Demographic information, e.g. occupation or trade, is actively sought via our ongoing efforts to understand our customers better and to respond to their needs.Visitors are also able to send emails or instant messages (IMs) from any A-Z website. These messages may contain the usernames, screen names and/or email addresses, in addition to any information users voluntarily include in these messages.

B. Sensitive Information

It is A-Z’s policy not to actively seek any sensitive information using any form of interaction with our customers. Sensitive information includes all types of data relating to ethnicity or racial origins; political affiliations or opinions; spiritual, religious or other beliefs; memberships to trade unions; physical and/or mental health conditions; sexual orientation or preferences or criminal record(s). We strongly suggest that you refrain from providing any sensitive information. If you do wish to include sensitive information for whatever reason, A-Z accepts your explicit permission to use said information as described in this privacy statement or as described at the time you chose to disclose this piece of sensitive information.

C. Tracking and Log Files

To ensure familiarity with the interaction between A-Z work groups and our customers, we have, and are constantly putting in place or improving measures to collate all customer information we collect.

In cases of contact via any A-Z website, electronic log files or cookies are not used in order to identify website visitors.

D. Use(s) of Personally identifiable Information

A user/visitor may choose to provide personal information through any of the following media:

  • Customer feedback or satisfaction surveys;
  • Comment forms throughout any A-Z website
  • Competition entry forms;
  • Opting in to mailing lists;
  • Bulletins, discussion or message boards/forums;
  • Contact forms designed for obtaining further information;
  • Registration or sign-up forms for access to premium online services;
  • Online/Offline Chat/IM windows

Information provided to, or received by A-Z is used solely for the particular purpose(s) stated at the point of collection/reception and in accordance with the Spam Act 2003.

This data is never shared with third parties or other entities for secondary, unspecified, or unrelated purposes, unless otherwise stated at the point of collection. In any case where sharing of customer information is required for whatever purpose, consent/permission will be sought beforehand.

E. Storing Customer Information

Customer information is kept indefinitely to enable A-Z to:

• Continue providing warranty information or services to product owners;
• Identify previous A-Z customers and recognise them accordingly;
• Provide after-sales services relevant to the customer’s product

Where information is provided in relation to an enquiry about A-Z or its products, the information shall be kept for as long as the information is relevant or required to completely serve the request or until user requests the information be deleted.

F. Security of Information

A-Z has, and continues to implemented generally accepted standards of technology and security to protect personally identifiable information from misuse, alteration, loss or destruction. All A-Z staff and agents are committed to a company-wide security policy. Access to personally identifiable information are strictly limited to duly authorised persons who have agreed to safeguard confidentiality of information.

G. Changes to the A-Z Privacy Policy

A-Z reserves the right to amend any part of this Statement for any reason at any time. Nothing contained in this Statement is intended to create a contract or agreement by A-Z. To keep visitors informed, A-Z will notify users to changes made to this Privacy Policy either

  1. via an email announcement to all contacts in our database(s), or
  2. posting alterations on the home page of the A-Z main website, https://wirerope.net.au/ for a period of at least two weeks.

H. Online Privacy Protection for Minors

A-Z understands and recognises the importance of protecting privacy of minors in an online environment. A-Z interactions subject to this privacy policy are not specifically designed for, or directed at, minors. A-Z’s policy is to never intentionally collect or keep information about a minor.

I. Privacy-related Contact

We welcome your comments or enquiries about our privacy policy.You may direct these to our Privacy Officer at admin[at]wirerope.net.au (subject line: Privacy Policy).